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The CSR Champions Leadership Programme

A year-long coaching and peer learning opportunity with the twin benefits of developing leaders and establishing authentic Collective Sustainability & Responsibility projects in schools.

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  • An energised, more confident leader

  • Collaborative whole-school impacts

  • A strengthened long-term community partnership

  • An internationally recognised CSR qualification


  • Six clear milestones

  • Highly achievable professional goals

  • Clearly supported leader development

  • Quality assured programme with regular reporting to SLT & Trust Leaders

Leadership Development

This programme develops your future leaders through:

  • Clear skills progression aligned with your Assessment Centre

  • Cumulative milestones building leadership influence from individual to global

  • Bespoke leadership coaching, toolkit and reflective journaling

CSR Development

This programme develops your CSR through:

  • Implementation of six Milestone CSR actions in each school.

  • Each milestone can be implemented at one of three levels depending on the skills, disposition and circumstances of the Champion.


We use a 2/4/6 structure to the CSR Champions Programme each half term:

  • 2nd week: Champions Development sessions in the second week of the half-term. 

  • 4th week: 1:1 Coaching Sessions in the fourth week of the half-term.

  • 6th week: Completion of each milestone due by the sixth week of the half-term.

  • Accountability report/check-in with Mark Topley (or Trust appointed person) by end of half term.

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What the Champions say

Two of our CSR Champions talk about the impact of the programme on their development as leaders, and on school CSR projects.

Champions Programme: Video

The future of our planet, and the cohesion of our society is our responsibility to shape.

We have both the opportunity and the mandate to act. Developing a new generation of leaders who understand and are passionate about sustainability and responsibility is the first step. We have the opportunity to provide our pupils with role models who will inspire action and give them an early experience of change in action. 

Embedding these individuals at the heart of your Trust Schools adds huge value that only grows with time. Over 75%* of people are looking for responsible organisations to work for, and in return, they're more loyal. 

The CSR Champions programme is an investment in your community & the environment - adding value to the community, giving back and paying forward in the post-COVID era. 

Your reputation as a purpose-driven Schools Trust will set you apart and strongly differentiate you. 

You'll build loyalty, image and trust. You'll grow with purpose. 


To find out more, or download the White Paper click below.

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